Witches/Cloaking the Truth

{The above images are representative of the stereotypes associated with Witchcraft. What had been a blemish on our earliest society, the perpetuated MYTH, and the REAL Witch of today.}

When I lived in Salem, Mass, my daughter would often come across real witches. Some were dressed in their witchy best; flowing robes in plum and burgundy, high collars and their necks adorned with pentacles or gemstones to appropriate their mood of affection. Others, were very commonly dressed, and looked like any other person walking the street. The ones who were dressed up during Haunted Happenings always got his from her:

"Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?"

I know most witches will cringe reading that. Not one did in person. They thought it was funny, comical, and honest. Almost all of them said, "Well, what do you think?" Her answer? "I think you're good because you smile, and smiling is nice."

She was about four at the time. And, she hit it spot on. They were smiling. They were kind. They answered her curious questions and, like so many others, stroked her platinum hair fondly. At age four my daughter knew the difference between good and bad, kind and mean. She didn't need a symbol to be worn around the neck, or a lecture in what makes a good person. Smiling to her, means you have to be good. And, she was quite right.

My four-year-old knew what grown people never seem to learn.

Today's first post comes from a friend of mine, a talented author and gifted Witch, JoLynne Valerie. She has several blogs about Witchcraft and Paranormal Activity. Her new book, A Tale for All Seasons is OUT. She talks to us about the myths of the Witch and the false impressions many so-called educated and learned people carry with them to this very day.

You can find JoLynne and more information on her book on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.


The mainstream concept of Witches has been used to fuel a massive campaign designed to demonize and subordinate women. This same campaign was used and continues to be used, to secure lands, and political or religious power. To those who have acted in this campaign I would say: IT'S OVER.

The tides are now turning. Many people are stepping forward to let the world know that Witches - real ones, mind you - have always been here, we are most often the "good guys" and we are more powerful than ever.

Ours is a path of peace, however when aligned with the elements and the Divine, our human and spiritual potential is realized. Past campaigns will not be successful against the modern day Witches. Now, we are evolved. And together, we are strong.

NOTE: This is not a comprehensive discussion of the global WitchCraft or Wiccan movement. Nor am I speaking to all the current issues, perspectives or streams of thought. This Note was inspired by a comment from a Facebook friend this morning. I hope my words inspire or affirm those who are meant to be.

PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS. If you have anything to add or commentary you'd like to share, PLEASE DO. This topic belongs to many. Your experiences and beliefs are welcome.


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