Review Evanescence

Evanecsence, to vanish. The Celts in Tuatha do it. Some would also call it teleportation. In Tuatha and the Seven Sisters Moon, the Celts evanesce, or vanish into the air by means of transportation between far distances. I'm not sure why, but the reviews of Tuatha are experimenting with evanescence as well. Or so it seems.

Amazon is doing a kind of autumnal sweep of author's reviews, crippling our sales and ability to reach readers. I have't decided what, if anything, can be done about this. This is our second experience with vanishing reviews. Today, in the spirit of Samhain, Tuatha is free on Amazon. Or, you can get it on Smashwords or Barnes-N-Noble. You can even order a signed copy from our website.

We will not disappear. even if we vanish, we will always show up again. Remember the opening to Tuatha:

"We have no word for the man who is excessively fearless; perhaps one may call such man mad or bereft of feeling, who fears nothing, neither earthquakes nor waves,as they say of the Celts."


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