Interview with Tiffany Carmouche

Interview with author Tiffany Carmouche

1: What is *Your Book* about? As the author, what do you say it is about?
This is the second book in The Alaska Trilogy. Much of the first book, The Impostor, had a basis on what had happened to me when I left everything I knew to travel to Alaska. While I was writing it, my muse had a mind of its own and it became a lot more.
The second book in the trilogy, Obsession and Sacrifice is a book of rediscovery. Nicole wakes up from a coma with no idea who she is, or who the incredibly sexy men, Dylan and Brad, are. She realizes they are her only hope to unlocking her past and helping her stay alive. It is the story of love, friendship, survival, obsession and sacrifice.

2: How did the idea for this story come about?
This is the second book from a bunch of mini movie trailers in my head that morphed into a trilogy. I became fascinated with people who woke up from comas because in a way it is like a new beginning.

3: Where is your well of inspiration for this novel? How did the idea come to you?
I wanted to play with was the idea we are given second chances at life and no matter what the struggle is and how many times you are knocked down, it is important to get up, and learn to live again. Sometimes if we let it life becomes stale. It is important to realize that it is called life for a reason! Savor it, embrace it, live it!

4: Do you base any of your characters on real people? If so, do they know, and how do they feel about their portrayal?
It depends on the person. The main villain is based on someone who was stalking me in Alaska when I was there. No, he doesn’t know and I am hoping to keep it that way, especially since I made him a serial killer instead of just a murderer.
Jess in the book is based off my daughter. She did journey with me to Alaska. And my best friend in the book is based on the best friend I convinced to leave everything to travel to the unknown.
The other characters I base on aspects of people I have known.

5: Writing music? What is coming through your speakers when you're writing?
Silence. I love silence. It is golden. But when I need inspiration for a movie in my head to play…it depends on the scene. Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, I loved because not only was it a love song, but I could also envision the fight scenes in it.

6: If your book had a theme song, what would it be and why?
Guardian Angel would be the trilogy’s Theme song. Obsession? Hmmm. I think Breath Me by Sia. Stronger Kelly Clarkson. I am drawing a blank There are so many great songs out there!

7: For you, what is the most problematic portion of writing a novel? Plot lines? Character depth?
Copy edits--Those stupid mistakes that everyone seems to miss. The missing periods, the check instead of cheek. Nightmare! You hire great editors but even then they hide until you have the book in print!

8: When writing, are you ever stumped? How do you get over it?
I go on facebook and socialize with my amazing facebook family. This is when I like music. It focuses you. I write because I want to. I do not have deadlines or people screaming at me if I don’t produce. So, if I am stumped, I stop writing. There is so much else to do. I am learning everything about the indie business and you can write an amazing book but if no one buys it well…that kinda stinks. I’m still learning this aspect of it. If anyone wants to give me pointers, that would be awesome or if anyone would like to have me on their blog or pimp my books, that would be amazing… no takers? Anyway… when I am in a slump, I just focus my energy on other things that need to get done or just enjoy life.

9: Do you have a character that is most like you? If so, why and how?
Nicole is most like me. Naïve, hardheaded, with a thirst for life.

10: Are there any characters that were difficult to write? If so, why?
I met with someone about criminal investigation who worked with NCIS over bubble tea a few times while writing my about my serial killer to make sure he was realistic.
11: What are you working on now? What can we expect to see from you in the near future?
I am working on the third book in the trilogy. This one is a lot of fun because I get to choose which ending. (I wrote 3 so even I don’t know who will win Nicole’s heart yet lol ) I have been asked to write spin off books with the other characters and have a few mapped out. I will be putting out a poetry book this year and I have a paranormal romance that wants to be told. But most importantly I am writing a series for women who, like me, escaped abuse called Out of the Shadows. If you have any readers that would like to share their story, please have the contact me at tiffanycarmouche (at) ymail (dot ) com (It can be anonymous) I feel if we can give one woman the strength to know she can begin again it will be a success. All of the money made from the book will go to making a difference. It is one of the many causes I am passionate about. My auto bio is called Because of Love. Parts are painful so I had to put it down for a bit. There are sacrifices we make ‘because of love’, secrets we keep ‘because of love’ and sometimes the only way we can survive is ‘because of love.’ It may be coming out later this year.

12: If any actress was to play you in your biopic, who would it be?
I think the girl from Sherlock homes would be my dream. She has the same type of personality it seems. But there are so many amazing actresses out there.

13: Speaking of family and friends, do you have a support system when it comes to writing? What was the reaction from those close to you about your novels?
I think people are sometimes skeptical when you strive for your dreams. My daughters and my cousins have been incredibly supportive though.

14: If you could change anything about the book(s) that are already out there, is there something you wish you'd changed?
I think as a perfectionist, there is always room for improvement. But if everyone waited for perfection… there wouldn’t be any books out there…

15: You're about to write. Do you have a ritual?
I wish I did…I grab a cup of coffee often, but even that isn’t a sure thing. I write anywhere. On my bed, in the dining room, in my car, in Starbucks, on a plane… when the muse strikes I will grab a napkin and an eyeliner if I have to.
16: You meet one of your characters in a dark alley. You...?
Jump his bones
17: What do you want fans to know about *Your Book*? About you? What do you want them to know about your day, your passions, your mind-frame when you're writing?
I’m a single mom. The most important thing about me is my two beautiful daughters who define my existence. I have experienced a lot of amazing things but they are my biggest accomplishment. I am truly blessed!

Me? I grew up, knowing I could conquer the world, so off I went. I never have been into material things as much as adventures. I love discovering new places. Each one becomes a part of you, something that can’t be repossessed, stolen or broken, it is yours. Little did I know when I set off on my adventure to Alaska that it would be turned into a novel and shared with the world. Thank you for joining me one the journey.

I have had some amazing experiences, but I have lived through a few struggles as well. I am beginning to see the silver lining and am not being sucked under the current as much anymore. I hope somehow my pain can be an inspiration to others during their dark times. And in a way my books will let people know no matter how many times they are knocked down it is important to get up and learn to walk again… and truly appreciate life. I would love to hear from your readers. I am always on Facebook and love to see your pictures of who you think would be the perfect Dylan or Bradley Live life OUT LOUD!!!


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