Back to SCHOOL!

I haven't done much lately, online that is. Summer with three children in a new state is harrowing. They're getting used to the new neighborhood, and I'm not so comfortable with parents yet, and allowing my kids anywhere out of sight.

That said, school begins in only two weeks, and as thrilling as it is that I will have so much more time, I have had a sort of alarm ringing in my head screaming, "TWO WEEKS!" Once they are back in school, my schedule frees up from pool parties and birthday soirees only to be immediately replaced with meetings with my illustrator, paperwork needing to be completed for the great state o'Texas, not to mention finalizing travel plans.

I'm here, though the blog may not show it. I can say this much, when my blog is getting a lot of activity, I'm not writing much. I now need to start solely focusing on the release of Tuatha and the Seven Sisters Moon, and stop pounding away at the second volume, which in my mind, is nearly complete. So now, I'm pausing, and dedicating myself to the first, because who's going to read the second if the first is still sitting dormant? Exactly.


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