Tuatha & SSM is now AVAILABLE!

That's right! The limited edition is available on my website http://www.dvonthaer.com/SalemEdition.html . Get your copy before the original debuts on Halloween!

This hard cover, 462 page, Limited Edition novel will be available for sale on my website only. It
will never be sold in stores. Not only will it have a special cover dedicated to Salem, it will also
contain one extra chapter not in the standard version. No one has read this chapter yet; not my
editors, not my proofreaders, not even my husband. It holds a very special key to future books
and characters, and will only be published in this limited edition. Each copy will be numbered and
personally signed by me. You will receive your copy before the standard version debuts.

The price includes tax and shipping to addresses in the US, UK, and Canada. If you are elsewhere and would like a copy, please e-mail me at dayna@dvonthaer.com before you order to make certain it can be delivered to you. Be sure to send me a note when purchasing if you would like your copy to be personalized to someone other than the name shown with payment.

The pre-sale of this edition is important; it will help me launch both versions of my book into
mainstream book markets, including Amazon, Borders, and Barnes and Noble. My publishing
firm, B.A.S.E.D. Press is still in it's infant stages, and I'm using my own book as the impetus into
the world of publishing. Obviously, not an easy endeavor. I started B.A.S.E.D. Press for writers to find a home for their work. I want their projects (as well as my own) to find audiences as the
author intended, not peeled away and edited to fit into a box and shelved with the masses.

Why Salem? I was blessed enough to live in Salem for a year. It was a year which allowed me to
write on the water, wake up to waves, and have coffee on the beach. It's history is flawed and
disturbing, it's present rich and inspiring. It holds a very special place in my heart, and in this

To everyone who purchases my book, passes it around, and has given me support, I thank you.
Each and every one of you is collectively responsible for it's success, and if I could give each of
you a hug, I would. (Take me up on it at a book signing!)


P.S. The first 23 copies sold will get a Tony Longworth CD included with their book. This CD is, in
essence, a soundtrack to the book. Tony has created exceptional music for the book video and


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