APA: The Lighthouse

APA. Authors Promoting Authors. This blog has proven invaluable to a writer like myself. I always say, "There are no new writers. There are simply unpublished writers. Writers, the real ones, are born with a writing utensil clenched in tiny fists."

My novel, my first attempt at a published book, Tuatha and the Seven Sisters Moon is moving along the promotion highway. This weekend, everything seemed to go into overdrive. It's now that i realize how grateful I am to have found APA. I follow Authors Promoting Authors because of the concept. Authors are, le gasp, promoting one another! They're buying books, posting links, calling up their friends, and finding books that they may never have found otherwise. They're reviewing each others work, offering encouragement, and sharing the process.

This is a tough business. Writing the book, as many writers will tell you, is the easy part. Publishing and promoting is where the real work comes in to play. We are rare creatures, writers. We use both the right and left sides of our brains, equally. Both sides house the function of language, but differently. One side is grammar, the other is context. So, we are simultaneously creative and incorporating, vocal and pragmatic.

It's this gift, with which we are truly blessed, that should bring us all together. Authors Promoting Authors is just the place that allows this dream to become a reality. We have readers, writers, publishers, all taking interest in each others work and helping each and every book find it's audience.

As my book begins to set sail, I'm very glad to have found this beacon of light in the dark sea of publishing.

D. VonThaer
Author of Tuatha and the Seven Sisters Moon



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